One a day every day.

The Amy Foundation ONE A DAY project will fund one free mammogram every day. Make this your day.

The Amy Feiman Behar Foundation for Cancer Prevention, Inc, is helping women fight breast cancer through early detection. Our partnership with Saint Peter’s University Hospital will ensure that women without health insurance have access to free screening mammography services. We know that finding cancer early can save lives and by contacting The Amy Foundation, you have chosen to be pro-active about your health and your life.

Who is eligible?

The Foundation will provide free mammograms to women who:
  • are 40 and over
  • meet income eligibility requirements
  • are not covered under an insurance plan including Medicaid.

Are there any costs?

If you qualify, the screening mammogram is free to you. The costs are covered by the Amy Foundation.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call the scheduling office at the Breast Imaging Center at Saint Peter’s University Hospital: 732-745-6686.  You will be prompted to select “1” to schedule an appointment for a screening mammogram.

What questions will I be asked?

  • You will be asked if you have a prescription for a screening mammogram from your physician.  If you do not have a prescription and are in need of a primary care physician, you will be referred to the Saint Peter’s How Lane Clinic and will go through the standard admissions process.
  • You will be asked whether you have any health insurance including Medicaid. If not, the hospital representative will ask you the size of your family (including spouse and non-married children under 19 years of age who are living in the home
  • You will be asked to state the total gross income for yourself and your spouse (if applicable).

If you qualify, you will be offered a free mammogram, funded by the Amy Foundation, and an appointment will be made for you.

Will I be able to obtain a free mammogram every year?

An annual reminder will be sent to Amy Foundation breast care recipients who were age 40 or older at the time of the initial screening.

I do not speak English. Will there be someone at the hospital to help me if I call for a free mammogram?
¿Yo no hablo inglés. ¿Habrá alguien en el hospital de ayudarme si llamo para un mamograma libre?

Yes, a Spanish speaking hospital representative will be able to assist you.
Sí, un español que habla el hospital representante podrá ayudar usted.

Can I refer a friend to this program?

Yes, absolutely. The Amy Foundation is committed to providing one free mammogram a day, every day.

Where is Saint Peter’s University Hospital? How do I get there?

Saint Peter’s Hospital is located at 254 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ  08901.  You can find them on the web at
For directions call 732-745-8600.

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